Christmas cards and wrapping paper shift to grey bins this year

Published: 05 December 2018

Residents are being asked to dispose of all their wrapping paper and Christmas cards in their normal waste bins and not the red recycling bins this year.

Although made of card and paper, Christmas cards and gift wrap sometimes contain glitter and foil which can contaminate the recycling process at paper mills, ruining hundreds of tonnes of recycled paper.

To remove any doubt the council has taken the decision to not take any Christmas cards or wrapping paper as recycling.

Cardboard packaging and boxes, plastic bottles, clean glass and food and drink cans should be placed in red recycling bins as normal.

Christmas generally generates excess rubbish, so any items that don’t fit in residents’ bins should be taken to Chalvey Household Waste and Recycling Centre, which will be open from 9am to 5pm every day except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for environment and leisure, said: “We want to make sure we recycle as much waste as possible this Christmas, which is why we asking residents to dispose of their Christmas cards and wrapping in their normal waste bin.

“Many Christmas cards have that added sparkle to reflect the festive season. It may seem insignificant on one card or piece of wrapping paper, but when thousands of tonnes are put through the paper mills, it can cause big problems in the recycling process.

“I would like to say Merry Christmas and thank you to all our residents for their continued effort and support in recycling their household waste.”