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State Pension Online

Claim your State Pension online

Approaching State Pension age? Stay in control by claiming your State Pension Online from the GOV.UK website.

  • All UK residents can claim their pension online.
  • It only takes 20 minutes to complete.
  • It's available 24/7.
  • It’s a secure and easy to use service.
  • Online help is provided along the way.
  • Online claims can be completed in multiple sittings. If you haven’t got everything you need to hand, simply save your online claim and return to it within 30 days.
  • You can also save and print a copy for your own records.
  • There is a twitter channel if you are experiencing problems with the service @ClaimPensionDWP. This is a free channel, available from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Alternatively, customers can obtain support to complete their online journey by contacting the DWP Online Helpdesk - call 0345 6043349 / textphone: 0345 6040523 / or email

You can also use the service to make a new State Pension claim.

Pension Tracing Service

The Pension Tracing Service (PTS) provides people with the information they need so they can get in touch with organisations holding their workplace or personal pensions. The service is important, not least because:

  • Latest estimates put the value of unclaimed money in pensions at £400m.
  • There’s been a 280% increase in tracing requests to the service in the past 10 years (since 2005), with 97,200 requests in 2014/15.
  • On average, individuals will have 11 jobs over their working life.
  • It is predicted that four out of five workers leave their pensions unclaimed.

Although the PTS won't tell you whether you have a pension, or its value, it will help you to find pension contact details and you can then contact the pension provider to check if you have a pension with them and what it's worth. To try this for yourself go to find pension contact details.

For more information:

Help carers to increase their State Pension

National Insurance credits are available to help people fill gaps in their record and may increase the amount of State Pension they get.

Carer’s Credit is for:

  • carers of working age who deliver 20 to 35 hours of care a week
  • carers who don’t get either Carer’s Allowance or Child Benefit for a child under 12.

Those eligible for Carer’s Credit may not realise they are eligible to apply for it - so please do let those you think may be eligibly to look into this. 

More details and to apply please go to the carer's credit page on the GOV.UK page